Bill Deys

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Scary that in today’s rapidly changing drug fuelled world we rely on a book published once every fifteen years, only seven times, to diagnose and treat the problems with our heads.

“Every fifteen years or so, the APA publishes a book called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which doctors around the world use as a guide for diagnosing mental disorders in their patients. “

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Dear Ford

It’s 2014. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve purchased music on a Compact Disc. Yes, you should still have a CD player in your vehicles even though most people are looking for iPod connections, or at least an Aux In. What that slot shouldn’t be if the only way to put music on the “jukebox” that is built into the stereo. Really? There’s a perfectly good USB port right there in the console that I should be able to plug a USB key full of music into and be given the option of copying the contents to the internal drive. Thanks for averting a “feature” that is about the closest thing to unusable, unless of course you enjoy root canals and burning CD’s that you will subsequently throw out.

Also, the fact that there is a limit on the voice search for iPod is crazy making. The fact that I can’t find a straight answer on what that limit is is even worse. Cmon, it’s the size of a truck you can’t put a little more memory or whatever in there? My iPhone’s got enough smarts to voice search my music, and that’s not before Siri.

"I’ve been burned by hacks that fail at the wrong time and complex tools which have let me down. I’ve begun to deeply appreciate when something endures because of the decisions made by some industrial designer in their tight grey-colored shirt and two-days worth of beard."
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